8 Ways To Healthier “Relations” With Your Writer/Non-Writer Partner by Ami Allen-Vath


If you’re a passionate and supportive partner of a writer, there’s a special nightclub for you in heaven–full of extra drinks and angels carrying cupcakes. There’ll be no talk of MCs, CPs, LIs or TBRs. But for now, that’s not reality, so here are some fun tips to get you by.

And because I’m fair, I’ve also made a list (with the help of my very own amazing life-partner) for writers. Supposedly, there’s room for improvement on everyone’s part.

Please note! I’m not a doctor, I only write them (sometimes) into my books. These tips were created for fun. If your relationship is suffering because of the writer or non-writer in your life, seek a professional or try to get on one those shows on the Oprah network.


8 Tips For Partners of Writers

  1.  Please don’t say, “You’re always writing!” because if I’m literally always writing, I’d have about 12 extra books written a month. I’m not always writing.
  1.  Schedule Date Nights (excursions or in-house) with me so I’m not knee-deep in a revision or CP session when you ask me to watch “Better Call Saul” with you.
  1.  If you’re not interested in reading my whole book, that’s okay, (how dare you!) but do ask for the pitch and first few chapters so you can read to get an idea of what I’m working on.
  1.  Keep telling your friends, family, coworkers and random strangers about my book because your pride is endearing, motivating and also, free promo!
  1.  I like hearing about your job but make sure you talk about cool things too. Like what’s a CP again? How’s it going with querying/agent revisions/editing? What debuts have you read? What’s on your TBR list?
  1.  For gifts and just because, buy me books on my TBR list!
  1.  Expect me to go to every other third social outing, work function or otherwise because I #amwriting #amrevising or #amediting.
  1. Massage my shoulders, forearms, and hands because I’m always writing!


8 Tips for Writers with Non-writing Partners

  1.  Enlighten your partner when it comes to the in and outs of the writing business (such as timelines, promoting, and devoting time to social media) so they understand when you’re busy.
  1.  Tell your partner when you’ll need extra time to finish projects that require a deadline.
  1. Take a day off every now and then. It’s healthy and even the busiest and most successful people in the world do it.
  1. Ask for help from your partner. They may have good ideas or be a good second set of eyes to help you edit your work.
  1. After you are finished with that chapter, blog post, or twitter update, spend some quality time with your partner and remind them that you appreciate them as much as they do you.
  1. When you think you’re having a bad day just think how bad a boring 9-5 job would be if you weren’t also doing something you love!
  1. Don’t forget that you have a life outside of the writing realm. You know…social life, family time, real life-people time.
  1. Have lots of cuddles (if you know what I mean). It’s a good stress reliever and will make you have a clear mind for the next day of writing!


Ami Allen-Vath is the loving writer of a supportive non-writer. She’s the author of LIARS AND LOSERS LIKE US , releasing March 15, 2016. If you’re feeling loving and supportive too, you can follow her on Twitter, like her on Facebook, and/or check out her blog.


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